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General Storm: A Memoir of Unmasking a War Criminal

jonas-noreikaWhat if you made a promise to write a book about your grandfather who you thought was a WWII hero, only to discover that he was a Holocaust perpetrator? Would you still write the book?

What if people from the Community told you that the book would make the country look bad, and that perhaps you shouldn’t write the book, that you should just let history lie? Would you still write the book?

What if the research and writing cost tens of thousands of dollars, money you’d have to borrow? Would you still write the book?

In this groundbreaking narrative nonfiction, produced from nearly two decades of extensive research, Silvia Foti sheds new light on her grandfather’s role in WWII. It is a poignant account of one of the greatest cover-ups in the last century, an immeasurably powerful story of betrayal that explores the primal questions concerning the sins of our fathers.

Stalin to the left of him, Hitler to the right and the fate of his people in his hands. It’s like watching a movie you wish wasn’t true and hoping that the human spirit is greater than the horrific forces trying to crush it.
–Neal Rutstein, former editor of the Daily Beefing

What is it about?

At its core, the book is about betrayal, about one family member betraying another, about a hero betraying the goodwill of his country, and about a group of people betraying another group.

The book is a story of a woman whose mother dies, leaving behind a Pandora’s Box of secrets.

The book fills a huge gap in WWII history, revealing never-before published information in a too-little-known European country sandwiched among Germany, Poland, and Russia.

Just enough time has passed to finally tell the truth and blast away the denial, but if any more time passes, the truth will stay buried as any witnesses who remain are approaching 100 years old.

The book marries the perspective of a naïve granddaughter coming to terms with the hidden and complicated history of her grandfather.

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