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The Nazi’s Granddaughter: How I Discovered my Grandfather Was a War Criminal
Regnery History, English edition, coming May 25, 2021

The book is available for pre-orders from Amazon here.

Mi Abuelo: El General Storm ¿Héroe o criminal nazi?
Harper Collins Mexico, Spanish edition, coming Fall 2020

jonas-noreika As his granddaughter, I set out to write a heroic biography, but encountered so much evidence proving my flesh and blood “hero” was a Jew-killer, even I could no longer believe the lie.

Four generations have passed since the Holocaust, yet many of the Nazis’ secrets still remain buried. The denial is so strong that some perpetrators are glorified as heroes in Europe, as is the case with Jonas Noreika in Lithuania.

My grandfather’s nom de guerre was General Storm. He was reported to be the highest-ranking military Lithuanian official in two counties during the Holocaust. And he was chief of the second largest region in the country during the Nazi occupation. My grandfather led an uprising against the Communists and won the country of Lithuania back—before he watched it snatched by the Germans, was found guilty, and was executed.

But what did he do during the Nazi occupation? How did thousands of Jews die in his territory under his watch?

I have paired up with Grant Gochin, a Lithuanian Jew living in California, who has initiated a lawsuit against the Genocide and Resistance Research Centre of Lithuania, requesting that it cease honoring Jonas Noreika as a WWII hero. Gochin had lost more than 100 relatives to the Lithuanian Holocaust, claiming that my grandfather was responsible.

In this groundbreaking narrative nonfiction, produced from nearly two decades of extensive research, Silvia Foti sheds new light on her grandfather’s role in WWII. It is a poignant account of one of the greatest cover-ups in the last century, an immeasurably powerful story of betrayal that explores the primal questions concerning the sins of our fathers.

Storm is a story of duplicity, family treachery, and a betrayal of the country’s faith in Noreika.

The book fills a huge gap in WWII history, revealing never-before published information about a too-little-known European country. Lithuania is now where Germany was in the 1970s, just beginning to question its role in the Holocaust, and it’s painful.

Stalin to the left of him, Hitler to the right and the fate of his people in his hands. It’s like watching a movie you wish wasn’t true and hoping that the human spirit is greater than the horrific forces trying to crush it.
–Neal Rutstein, former editor of the Daily Beefing

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