Captain Jonas Noreika Forum

The Captain Jonas Noreika Forum brings attention to all who cherish Lithuania and are taking responsibility for its past, present and future.  A first priority is to end the cover-up of the crimes against humanity committed by Lithuanians during the anti-Soviet rebellion of 1941 and the Nazi-occupation in 1941-1944.  The Republic of Lithuania should disqualify Captain Jonas Noreika from any state honors.

A long term goal is to foster dialogue towards a Lithuania which includes all those who cherish it.  We link to some texts and publish others.   We welcome your ideas.  Dr.Andrius Kulikauskas and Silvia Foti are the editors.

The Press about Captain Jonas Noreika (forthcoming)


Environment As Spiritual Capital: An Argument for Restoring Vilnius’s Oldest Jewish Cemetery.  Andrius Kulikauskas.  October 10, 2018.