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Noreika (2)

Defending History, December 12, 2018
Regional Lithuanian Monthly Publishes Query at Heart of Upcoming January 15 Holocaust Trial in Vilnius

Jewish Chronicle, December 2, 2018
My grandfather was a hero, collaborator, and murderer

Times of Israel. November 3, 2018
Lithuanian state historians defend Nazi collaborator accused of killing Jews

Corrieri Della Sera. October 6, 2018
Lituania, l’indagine di Silvia sul nonno: «Non fu un eroe, massacrò gli ebrei»

Jewish Telegraph Agency. October 4, 2018
Chicago Teacher Showed Grandfather Nazi Collaborator Now Lithuania Paying Attention

i24TV Stateside 10-minute show on September 24, 2018
Granddaughter Unmasks Lithuania’s WWII Hero as Jew Killer

BBC5 Radio 15-minute interview on September 11, 2018

New York Times front page story on September 11, 2018
Nazi Collaborator or National Hero? A Test for Lithuania July 14, 2018
My grandfather wasn’t a Nazi-fighting war hero — he was a brutal collaborator

Silvia Foti is available to speak about the following topics:

Holocaust Distortion in Lithuania
Writing Memoir
Deepening Your Faith
Living a Catholic Life
Ancestry and Secrets
Heroin Addiction
Book Analysis and/or Reviews
Teaching in High School

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